Failure Reconsidered

There once was a ball team. It was filled with sturdy, strong players who practiced and practiced.

Then came the first game of the season. The players walked out onto beautiful green grass. They played their sturdy, strong hearts out under bright white lights. And they lost.

So, they stuffed their bats in their bags and went home, never to play on the beautiful green grass again.

It might seem extreme. Except how many of us have tried something once, weren't immediately successful, and decided that meant we couldn't do it? I certainly have.

But what about if instead of putting a period at the end of failure, we put a comma?

Yes, that game was lost. No, it doesn't mean every game will be. Our work isn't to sit at home with bats gathering dust in their bags. It is to ring every last drop of learning out of those lost games.

And then get back out onto that beautiful green grass and play.

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