The Seagull's Guide to Courage

I saw the ocean first. I saw it roaring and smashing itself up against the shoreline rocks. And I saw two-story high sprays of water surge into the gray sky.

Then I saw the seagulls.

They stood on the shoreline rocks. They faced the ocean, looked it right in the eye. They didn't shrink as the huge Atlantic soared and raged around them.

And every so often, we are reminded that size alone does not determine power. For surely it's a powerful act to stand tall when the world around us seems so much taller.

I want to remember this when I'm facing huge doubt, huge resistance, huge indifference, or anything bigger than my courage. Do as the gulls on the shoreline rocks do: face it, look it right in the eye if you can, and know you don't need to shrink.

So, I left the huge ocean roaring and smashing, and I left those small, powerful birds standing tall on the shoreline rocks.

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Failure, FearCaitie Whelan