How We Create Ourselves

Right in front of me was this terrific view. Late afternoon light on the ocean. Ocean rolling onto rocks. Rocks abutting wild roses, which sweetened the air.

And this lighting, rolling, abutting, sweetening was filling up the present moment.

But I wasn't focused on any of that. I'd seen that off at the far edge of the landscape was a bank of fog. And it wasn't the mist or mystique that got me, it was the obscuring, the clarity it robbed the landscape of, the threat that it might come closer and obscure more.

And when I noticed where my attention had gone, I paused. Look again at the view, I instructed myself. Choose where to place your focus. And if it wanders, choose again.

It's no secret we create ourselves by the things we give our focus to. We don't have to spend all our time on sweet air and afternoon light. But it strikes me as worthwhile to notice where our attention goes and, if needed, to reposition it on the things we want to create ourselves with.

So, I gave a little bow to the fog. And turned my gaze on the ocean, the rocks, and those wild roses sweetening up the air.

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