The Truth About Most Important Stuff

Say you and I are waiting for our ride to breakfast. The car pulls up. It's a snappy four-door. Cherry red. And we only had to wait 10 minutes for it.

But, in fact, we had to wait a whole lot longer. Because it took that car centuries to get to us.

It started hundreds of years ago as an idea. Over in Italy, da Vinci created models for vehicles. A few centuries later, there were steam-powered vehicles in France, then electric vehicles in Scotland. In Germany, Karl Benz came up with a gasoline-powered vehicle. Then came Henry Ford, plus windshield wipers, door locks, radios, turning signals, keyless entry.

So that snappy four-door came to us by way of ideas stacked upon ideas, trials and errors, and a whole lot of sweat.

We hop in that cherry red car. We go get pancakes. Then we head to work.

And what it doesn't hurt to remember in our work, and in our life, is that - as others have said - if something is taking a long time, that's not unusual; most important stuff does.

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