Three Practices For Making An Impact

You and me are two of seven billion people on the planet. Of those seven billion, some have lots of money, lots of power, lots of influence. And if we're not in those lofty perches, it's common to feel like we're not significant enough to make an impact.

But this Lightning Note isn't about how to feel common feelings. This Lightning Note is about how to be impactful. And if we think about impact as changing something for the better, there's no reason we can't do that in the course of an ordinary day.

So here are three low-to-no cost practices I've been using:

Thank that teacher whose class transformed you. Could be elementary, middle or high school, college or a night course you took. But find that teacher's address and send them a note letting them know how they opened up your life.

When you get great customer service, make time to tell the boss. If it's on the phone, ask to speak to the supervisor. If it's in a store, ask to speak to the manager. Cashiers, call center workers, waitstaff, these folks on the front lines get berated so much more than they get praised.

Be kind to yourself. If your tank's empty, it's hard to make an impact on the world. So, start at home. Treat yourself with first-rate tender loving care, then share that compassion with the world.

Gobs of money, power, influence, and time aren't pre-requisites for impact. Any willing one of us can change something for the better in the course of an ordinary day. And if enough of we seven billion do, it's astounding to think what an impact that would make.

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