Live a Little Differently

I started a list at the airport. I was outside, waiting for my ride. There were a lot of us out there waiting, and the whole lot of us were swiping, drumming, bopping away on our phones.

It got me thinking, What would it be like to live a little differently?

So, I started my list: When you wait, try doing it without your phone.

And I kept adding to the list: Sit in the front row.

Use people's names.

Make your bucket list nonfiction rather than fiction.

Let people know when they've touched, moved, or lifted you up.

Tip generously when you've had bad service; chances are the waiter's having a rotten day and your tip could be the best thing to happen to her or him.

Do the things you could fail at, and when you do them, go all in.

Be kind to yourself when you have failure. Be kind to yourself even when you don't.

Make a habit of change.

This is a living, breathing list. I'll keep on adding to it. And I'll work to live into it. Or live it out. Or at the least, to live a little differently.

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