I Have Not Forgotten the Sweetness

The man gets out of the car. He is holding an iced coffee and a waxy paper bag.

He leaves the car running and walks a few steps to the door of a bank. At the door is a woman in a cardigan the color of sea foam.

The man smiles at her. She smiles back. He hands her the coffee and the bag. They speak softly to each other. Then, she kisses him. It is a loving and fast kiss.

The man smiles. He turns and gets back in the car. The woman turns and goes back in the bank.

And the sweet little moment is over. So easy to forget it. To let it fall out of mind, out of memory.

But what if we held onto it? What if we dedicated a part of ourselves to remembering all those sweet and easily forgotten little moments? Even created them ourselves.

And when we are in unkind and painful moments, we can say softly to ourselves or each other, Yes, this is awful. But I have not, will not forget the sweetness that we are capable of.

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