A Way to Reframe Worry

I can worry with the best of them. It's self-protection. If I worry on something, I won't be caught unawares if the bad news comes.

Or it's a grasp for control. I can't do anything in this situation, but I can worry about it! So, worry I shall.

My mother once told me something. If ever there was a line to tattoo on my right and left wrist, it would be this:

Worry is love looking for an outlet, she said. We don't worry about things we don't care about.

Worry, then, could be understood as big energy that originates in the heart. For those among us who hope to worry less (my hand is raised high), perhaps our summons is to go back to the true origins of that energy and act from that, rather than the worry it gets misshapen into.

And when I slip into those old self-protective, controlling ways, what I've been holding onto is this little mantra: You're worrying. Which is just a few steps removed from loving. Try that instead.

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