When Stuck & Trying So Hard...

I can't open the bathroom door. It's stuck and stubborn. Maybe it's swollen, but it hasn't been humid.

I give a big tug on the knob, really put my back into it. Nothing doing.

I give several big tugs, one after another. Then I shake, jerk, wrench the door. The bathroom lamp fixture rattles. So do the toothbrushes in the old vase.

The door isn't moving an inch. So I try harder and harder. I'm putting all the force I've got into it.

And then my hand, which is sweaty now, slips and turns the knob the other way. And the door swings open.

For a moment, I stand in the doorway. When stuck, sometimes a gentle turn can do what forceful effort cannot.

And I walk through the door.

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