A Place Where It's Okay to Fumble Around

A teacher of mine once said I benefitted greatly from the drafting process. It is 102% true.

I empty out the fridge in my first drafts and hope I can cook up something new. It makes for shaggy, imprecise, rambling writing. And I'm okay with that.

Because for me, the drafting process is what I wish for anyone doing creative work: a place where it's okay to risk fumbling around.

Not fumbling in the sense of being lazy and unthoughtful (both of which I've done). But the fumbling that can come when we risk going beyond what we know to find some new truth about what it means to be human. And taking that risk with the knowledge that we might come out empty-handed, maybe even discouraged.

Some artists have it in their studios. Others have writing groups, open mic nights, cheap paper for quick sketches.

If we can give ourselves this kind of place, I think there's much to be found there. It might not always be usable for the art we make, but the act of searching itself is worthwhile. Therein lies the artistic, the creative, and ultimately, the human growth.

So my wish for all of us is a place where it's okay to risk growing.

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