Gestures of Impact

It's 10:41 on a sunless, cool morning. I've been up for a few hours. And in that time, more than a few people have made an impact on me.

My friend who signed his email, "much love."

This man walking down the street seeming disinterested and bored who looked up at me and smiled a smile that made up for the missing sun.

Someone I will never know who placed these $6 pots of peace lilies in a sweet and artful arrangement on a market window sill.

A woman in a green vest who stopped to hug an exhausted looking man, and the man sighed and softened in her arms.

These gestures, they didn't cost anything to do. But they had value. They warmed me on a cool morning. I will tell my friend that. But the man on the street, the lily arranger, the woman in the green vest, they will never know the impact they had on me.

So, I offer this to you for when you feel too small, too inadequate, too time-pressed to be impactful. Our gestures, however small, have significance. They have value we may never know. And that too small, too inadequate, too time-pressed feeling? It's just that: a feeling.

The truth is any one of us can provide warmth on a cool morning.

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