The Things For Which We Are Generous With Our Time

When I open up an article online, my eyes immediately check the size of the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the screen. And I do that because I want to know how much time this read is going to ask of me It's normal to want to know. When someone approaches us to volunteer for a project or the dentist says we need a root canal, one of our first questions is typically, How much time will it take?

It's a worthwhile question. Life is brief. But here's another worthwhile question: What would we do no matter how much time it took? And what I mean here is what are the things for which we are generous with our time.

My list is a work in progress. Right now, it includes late-night phone calls with faraway friends, building this business I believe in, anything the author George Saunders puts into the world.

But I also think of writers starting a book, not knowing if it will take 12-months or four years.

That fellow who's been building a boat in his garage on weekends for the past decade.

The film you go to not caring how long it is because you'd watch anything that director does.

The friends with whom you always find yourself saying, "No way! It can't be that late."

Whatever these things may be, they're larger than the sum of their parts. Because it strikes me that anytime we stop thinking about time, that we give it readily and freely, it's a sign that our soul's lit up.

So, today, I'll leave us - you and me both - with this question: What are the things for which we are generous with our time?

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