Making a Habit of Change

This morning, I walked out my door and went right. Usually, I go left. It's the way I've always done it. But I'm working to make a habit of change.

I found the idea in an article about choreographer Twyla Tharp. What she said, exactly, or how she did it, I can't remember. But I thought the general notion was terrific: take change - the great certainty in life's uncertainty - and train ourselves to be at ease with it. Or at least less threatened by it.

I've been approaching it with gentle shifts. Go right instead of left. Have a grapefruit when I usually have an apple. Really small, low-stakes stuff done daily.

And it's helping to loosen me up. Like the other day on the ferry, I didn't take my regular seat down below. Or at the coffeehouse, I actually read the menu and ordered off it, rather than instinctively getting my go-to drink.

I'm not throwing my arms around change yet. But I am curious about it, and a little more willing to dip into it. Because I've seen I can handle it.

Gentle shifts won't prepare me for life-altering events; I can't imagine much will. But they are helping me to fight off change less and, on my better days, open up to it more.

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