Stick Around

Sunday morning, I went to a sunlit little market. I got myself a nice coffee, found an empty table, and sat down to think over the seven days ahead.

This is a weekend ritual of mine. It gives me grounding and focus. It helps me spend my time as a reflection of my values.

And every weekend, I want to power through it. I know I can get it done in 30 minutes, easy.

But I also know if I power through it, I miss the good stuff. The insights and the clarity that only make themselves known if given space and time.

The refrain I used this Sunday is the same one I've used for years of Sundays: Stick around. Sip your coffee, breathe your breath, stay a while.

It's the way I know to quiet down my rational, efficient thinking, and let grace of some kind come in. Because grace, I'm finding, comes in the backdoor, and on its own time.

And grace - which we could also call wisdom, understanding, compassion - usually comes. If not immediately, then in another quiet moment. If not in a tidal rush of insight, then in a tiny drop of clarity.

So my work this Sunday and every Sunday is to sip my coffee, breathe my breath. And stick around for grace.

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