For the Love of Finishable Things

Laundry. Cleaning the bathroom mirror. Renewing library books. These are things I can appreciate. They are, unlike many things in this great human undertaking, finishable.

Often, the bulk of my work is long-haul and multi-armed. Projects that, as my mother says, grow slowly and need a lot of time and care before they bloom. Sometimes it seems like I made no dents or progress. And when the day is done, my confidence has gone cold.

But I've found that one way to warm my confidence back up is by doing something finishable. A plain and simple thing I can see through from concept to completion: taking out the recycling, watering the plants, refilling my contact lens order.

What this does is remind me that I can get stuff done - See! That completed thing. You did that - while also transforming these potentially cumbersome to-do's into triumphant little confidence restorers.

Which all helps me return to the slow-growing projects with more guts, gumption, compassion.

And those, I think, are pretty good to have in this great human undertaking.

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