What's Significant

Let's say it's Sunday morning, and you and I head to a cafe, get a nice coffee, and catch up on what's happening in the world. Maybe we buy ourselves the paper or head to the website of our favorite publication. Either way, there will be the Big Stories right up front - above the fold or dominating the home page.

These, we're told by their location alone, are significant and worth our attention. And that could very well be true.

But let's say we got ourselves large coffees, which means we have time to linger. So, we poke around inside the paper. We dig deeper into the F and G sections or click on the smaller font.

And I can't tell you the number of times I've found significant stories worth my attention far, far away from the front page, the home page - sometimes these stories are even off the page.

So, I think, we can be told what's significant and worth our attention, and accept that. Or we can go looking and decide.

One certainly requires more effort than another. But when it comes to deciding what's significant to us, what's worth our attention, it strikes me as a good effort to make.

And when our coffees are done, we can head off into our Sunday, not necessarily knowing everything that's happening in the world, but perhaps knowing what's significant to us in it.

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