The Less Efficient Route

Around seven this morning, I went out walking by the water. Mist on the ocean, sun in the sky, seaweed on the rocks. A view that's good for the spirit.

And it was quiet, too. This was the back side of the island, far from the village center and ferry landing.

A car passed. And I knew two things about the car: the family in it lived on the other side of the island and the family usually took the 7:15 ferry.

Then another car passed. Different family, same situation. Both could have gone a more efficient route to the ferry.

And it struck me that perhaps these cars were intentionally taking the less efficient route. And if I had to guess why, I'd guess it was because they had chosen to make time for a view that's good for the spirit.

And what a choice.

Our time is so brief. Still, I can't help but think that choices like this add a fullness we can't always find in the more efficient route.

After all, between point A and point B, there are many routes. So, a question to consider: which one is good for the spirit?

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