Triumphant & All Forward Momentm

I see the boy ride up the street on his bike. He's wearing a Celtics shirt - Isaiah Thomas, Number Four, which is probably about the boy's age.

He's pedaling fast and determined. Charging might be a more accurate word for his forward momentum.

Then the boy hits a bump in the pavement. He falls forward, arms fly out in front of him, and he lands face first on the sidewalk.

You okay? I call to him. He looks up at me. His helmet is lopsided now, covering one eye. But he nods. He's okay.

To be sure, I watch this four year old. He stands, slowly. He looks at his elbows, knocks gravel off his arms. Then, without any reluctance, he grabs the bike he's just fallen off of and gets back on.

And I think to myself, Keep on doing that and the world is yours.

Then, I watch as Number Four charges fast and determined back up the street. He's triumphant now, and all forward momentum.

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