Water What You Want to Bloom

It is springtime, and I am not a gardener. But I could watch the green-thumbed among us until the sun sets. And there is this thing all gardeners do that is equal parts simple and beautiful.

Gardeners only water what they want to grow. They nourish the things they wish to see blossom.

And watching them, their knees covered in earth, I always think: Do I do the same?

My mantra this spring has become something like: Water what you want to blossom, Caitie. Give honest and true attention to the parts of you and your life that you wish to see prosper.

This is an effort for me. It's simpler - effortless, even - to dwell on doubts and thoughts that diminish us. But that's nourishing all the choking plants, isn't it?

This spring, I'm headed to the garden. And there, among the seeds and weeds and possibility, I will work to water what I want to bloom.

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