The Windshield Wipers on Full Throttle

I was driving during a last-gasp-of-winter storm. Rainy snow fell in splotches on the windshield, and I turned the wipers on full throttle.

I was thinking about where I was coming from and where I was going to. Had I said the right thing? Done the right thing? Would I be ready for what was coming up next?

And so I drove along, head back and forward in time.

Until I noticed that I had driven out of the rainy snow. It must have been miles ago, because the roads weren't wet. And I had been driving all these dry miles with the windshield wipers on full throttle.

I flipped them off, and had the thought that so much of what I do is based on what was or what will be, not what is. I mean, here I was, out of the storm, and I hadn't even noticed it.

I drove down the dry roads, taking them in, hearing the silence of still windshield wipers. And I thought, Okay, head of mine, let's you and I be not back in time or forward in time, but here in this time.

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