One of The Fiercest Counters to Rejection

A rejection note fell into my inbox yesterday. It was for an opportunity I'd been excited about; I thought I could really do something great with it. Now, I wouldn't know.

But here's the thing about this rejection: I wasn't too fazed by it. A little bummed, sure. But not deflated or disheartened like in the past.

So, why?

Taking a page from many artists before me, I was already on to creating other things. And this has been one of the fiercest counters to rejection I know.

When that note arrived in my inbox yesterday, I was headlong into making new balls to toss in the air. One ball falling to the ground was the end of an opportunity, not the only opportunity.

It's no secret that the energy and the vitality is in making the work - pen to paper, ideas to words, dream to form. And when we turn ourselves towards aliveness like that, there's almost always new opportunity to be found.

Do I want my work to be received with open arms, confetti, and critics crying, "Masterpiece of the Century!"? Oh yes. Do I do the work for that alone? Oh no.

And maybe the belief I've arrived at is that rejection comes, but we go on. Towards the energy, the vitality, the aliveness.

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