Progress Boldly Understood

I have become a devout wearer of long underwear. Winter in New England gets cold. Winter on an island in New England, I've found, gets colder. So, I bought a pair of long underwear the color of pretzels.

Some mornings, though, when the sun comes in a huge, bright mass through the windows, I dress thinking, Nah, don't need long underwear today. And usually within the hour, my lips are blueing.

But here's the thing: If I want to put on my long underwear, I have to totally undress. In other words, I have to get colder to get warmer.

And I love that little paradox. Like when we need to slow down to speed up or spend some money to save some money. Progress isn't always a straight progression and the best path forward isn't always forward.

If we find ourselves, then, doing the opposite of obvious, we might be doing just what we need to do.

So, let there be paradoxes, progress boldly understood, paths in all directions. And let there be long underwear.

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