That Brilliance

Next time you are scared, anxious, uncomfortable, lonely, try telling yourself this: I've got brilliance in me.

And see what happens.

Maybe nothing. Well, no harm done.

But maybe something will. Maybe we will meet up with our brilliance. Which can happen if we risk believing that it's there in us.

I'm of the thinking that brilliance is always with us. It's just that it can get obscured by the doubt, judgment, and fear that so easily monopolize our headspace.

We can let those things use up our mind. Or we can use them as a trigger to tell ourselves: I've got brilliance in me.

Timidness coming on? I've got brilliance in me. Think you sound like an idiot? I've got brilliance in me. Feel left out? I've got brilliance in me.

And just maybe that brilliance will guide us to where we need to be.

So, when it comes down to it, what I'm saying is this: We know we have doubt in us. We know we have fear in us. Why not risk believing that we have brilliance in us, too?

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