This Is How It Feels to Be Living

Here is the question I have for us this morning: What is it that fills you up with energy? Espresso and dark chocolate don't count.

What counts are ideas, places, persons that swell your energy up to the most abundant, radiant levels.

Is it the Tuesday night tutoring you do? Shimmy-shaking in the kitchen to The Temptations? Jogging around the lake as the sun grows over the sky? Phone calls with your college roommate?

There's no right answer, no wrong answer. The only answer that counts is your answer.

And it counts because I think what that answer is really telling us is this is when we're fully alive. These are the moments when our spirit shakes us awake, saying, "Hey! Hey! This is how it feels to be living your life - and how great is this?!"

May we make space in our lives for these things. Every day.

And every day, may we feel the feeling of living our lives.

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