A Calendar Stuffed with Exuberance

I got off the phone. And I was exuberant. Flushed cheeks, energy rocketing, ready to grab the world and ride it until it bucked me off.

This was the second call in as many weeks that left me like this. And I can tell you why.

The friends on the other end of the line were taking wild, adventuresome ideas out of their heads and putting them into the world.

And these friends wouldn't fail: even if the ideas fell to pieces, they had respected that voice calling out, "Do it; risk living." And that act of self-respect will never be a failure.

It was incidental that these two calls were so close on my calendar. But now, with flushed cheeks, energy rocketing, and phone still in my hand, I decided to be intentional with my calendar: I wouldn't just haphazardly stumble on exuberance - though that could happen, too. I would purposefully stuff my calendar with exuberance.

These calls do it for me. So does live music, bluegrass or Irish fiddling, especially. Bonfires. Watching someone - painters, baristas, ferry captains - do work they love. Encountering huge new ideas. Figuring out how to make things work not just better, but more delightfully.

And I started stuffing my calendar with these exuberant things. I'm aiming for one a day.

After all, we do so many things, why not do some in the name of flushed-cheeks-energy-rocketing-grab-the-world-until-it-bucks-us-off exuberance?

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