Celebrating Each Other in Common Moments

On a bitterly windy night, I knocked on my friend's door. We had some ideas to flesh out and plans to hatch.

My friend answered the door and brought me into the snug and warmth of her living room. And this was where her dog, Moe, greeted me.

Moe, you should know, is a little smaller than a roll of paper towels. She is 10 years old. She has an impressive array of medical issues. And none of this stopped her from doing what she proceeded to do.

Which was blast at me, ears high, tail up. In one freewheeling rush, she licked, sniffed, nuzzled every inch of my ankles, then leapt onto the couch, turned to me and with unchecked delight, stood up on her hind legs, paws thrown out wide, as if to say with her entire little body, It is so great you are here with me!

And you know how I felt? Celebrated. I used to think that was for uncommon moments: birthdays, weddings, promotions. But here was Moe, tiny Moe, celebrating me for doing nothing more than being with her in this common moment.

Which made me think, Why not? Why not celebrate each other more in common moments? Not with toasts and cakes, necessarily. But with unchecked delight, arms thrown out wide. Or however we choose to let someone know, It is so great you are here with me!

My friend and I got to our ideas and our plans. Moe perched on a mound of pillows. From time to time, I'd catch her looking at me, eyes big and elated. As if to remind me: Yup, still great to have you here with me.

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