Rebooting Our Days

I woke up one gray morning in a slump. Perhaps you know the feeling: absent energy or confidence or a spark to kindle either.

For the first hours, I trudged. Eating something, working somewhat, just barely engaging with the morning.

About 9:30am, some part of me kicked awake: you've got to shake this day open for yourself. Reboot it, renew it somehow.

With no other ideas, I did what I do when I don't know what to do.

I thought of people I love. And I let them know I loved them.

That morning, I thought of an old friend who never stopped showing me new ways to live.

I sent her my love in a note.

And I felt not exactly better. But bigger. Like I'd opened up my morning to more than just that slump feeling.

And maybe one way we reboot or renew our days is by somehow reminding ourselves that we are larger than any one feeling. 

Except, perhaps, love.

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