Why Bother?

I take a few vitamins in the morning. A multi, calcium, and fish oil.

Today, I was out of the first two. When I went to open the cabinet with the fish oil, my first thought was, Why bother? If you can't take all of them, what's the point of taking just one?

I stayed with that thought for a bit; any thought that stops action seems worth paying attention to.

And it struck me that underneath this thought was some hopelessness: better not to do anything than something. Because doing anything other than everything is too small to make a difference, right? So it's a convenient justification for doing nothing.

But isn't hope taking regular little steps down a long trail? The little daily pushes forward that add up to a lifetime of powerful movement.

After all, a year is made up of months, which are made up of weeks, which are made up of days, which are made up of hours, which are made up of minutes, which are made up of seconds. The large is the sum of the little.

And hope, I think, bows to that truth.

So, I took the fish oil, repositioned myself towards hope. And quietly resolved to bother.

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