A Clear Path Through the Chaos

I am trying to manage my stress, I wrote my mother. There are all these rapidly moving pieces - projects with overlapping deadlines, postponed calls, taxes, travel to book, tech stuff to figure out.

It can be managed, I wrote unbelievingly. How's your stress?

My mother teaches multiple courses, takes multiple courses, is launching a pilot workshop series, has another one up and running.

The stresses aren't too much, my mother responded. Then, taking a page from St. Francis of Assisi, she wrote, As long as I do what is necessary and then what is possible.

Which was so pragmatic, so doable. Like a clear path through the chaos.

Thanks, I wrote my mother. I like that.

Then, I returned to my work. But this time, only to those pieces of it that were necessary, and then to the pieces of it that were possible.

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