The Get Back Up File

I have a file on my computer. It doesn't have a name. But if it did, it would be the Get Back Up File. I use it this way: Whenever I read an article that's exciting, that tilts my thinking, that wakes me up more, it goes into the file. And the next time I've been knocked down, my spirits need a lift or my thoughts have slumped, I go to the file.

Today, it has stories about magicians and mathematicians, how to live like a king for very little and an orchard in southern Vermont that only grows rare heirloom apples, the benefits of doodling, backyard chicken coops, and a graphic novelist who takes five minutes every day to see where he is and just be there - he calls it stealing time.

If you want to know the thread that strings the articles together, the best I can tell you is that they open a door I'd left closed and bring in new and needed air. They make me hopeful again. By which I mean they make me want to get back up again.

The truth, of course, is that we'll get knocked down, whether we're ready or not. The doubt will catch us, the fear will find us, the pain will hit us. So, this file is a little preparation for when the hardness of life knocks us out.

And it's a little gust of new air at our back to help get us up again.

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