Prince and the February Rain

It isn't supposed to rain in Miami in February. But when Bruce Rodgers wakes up on February 7, water is pouring out of the sky. Twenty-mile-per-hour winds are gusting out of the north. "Like a scene from Moby Dick," he says later.

And he's got this show, this multi-million dollar Super Bowl halftime spectacular to put on. There are pyrotechnics, dancers, four electric - electric! - guitars, a stage made of slick tile. And Prince.

The halftime producers had been told, It never rains for the Super Bowl, not in 40 years. Which was pretty much true. It didn't rain for Paul McCartney or Michael Jackson or U2.

But it is raining for Prince.

Prince who will be playing those four electric guitars. Prince who will be walking that slick tile stage in front of 100,000 people in Dolphin Stadium and 100 million people in living rooms and bars around the world.

So, now it's sometime before halftime. And Mr. Rodgers is sitting with Don Mischer, who's producing the whole spectacular here in soaking wet Miami. And what they don't know then is that this halftime show will be one of the greatest there ever was. That Prince will give the performance of a lifetime, maybe two, even as the cameras filming him fog up with water.

No, all Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Mischer know right now is it's going to rain all over Prince. So, Mr. Mischer gets on the phone with him.

Now, Mr. Mischer says to Prince, I want you to know it's raining.

Yes, Prince says, it's raining.

Are you okay? Mr. Mischer asks as the storm rages down from the heavens on him and Mr. Rodgers and the very spot where Prince is supposed to play.

And Prince just says: Can you make it rain harder?

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