The Investments

I have these hearty old cowboy boots. They are the color of pine needles. I bought them years ago. They were expensive, easily the most I'd spent on shoes. And these were my college days. I had money going out and none coming in. Spending that kind of money was uncomfortable.

I walked loops around the store in the boots. I loved the sound, the heft, the feel of them. So, I decided this would be an investment in something I loved.

Twelve years later, I'm mad as ever for them. And for 12 years, this idea has stayed with me:

Invest in what you love. Invest money, sure. But, more importantly, energy. And time. Ray Bradbury had an equation for it: "Love what you do and do what you love."

It seems simple. It is. But not easy.

So, now and again, after I've kicked my boots off and am sitting on the couch, I ask myself: What are you investing in now that you will be mad for 12 years later? 

Are you doing the uncomfortable thing, making the big time expenditure, spending the real energy in the name of what you love and value?

Sometimes, I can answer more yes than no. Sometimes, more no than yes. But still, I believe it's a question worth asking:

Are we investing in what we love?

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