Shifting the Human Balance

Picture a bowl of candy on a desk you pass regularly. What would you or I do when we walk by it?

Likely, we'd take from it. A butterscotch now, a mint for later.

The person before us probably took something. The person after us will probably take something. It's there, we could argue, to be taken from. That's the expectation.

But what if we upended the expectations? What if when everyone else took, we gave? And one day, we poured a bag of candy into the bowl?

Or tucked spare doggie bags into the dispenser at the park, brought lemon cake for the office interns or irises for the fire department dispatchers, asked the guy giving free samples if he needed a drink or a chair or both.

All this does is shift the human balance a bit. Towards surprise and warmth. Kindness, too.

A bag of candy won't move the world. It's just that giving when we're expected to be taking will move the moment. Which, we could argue, is all we have in the world.

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