The World We Push Towards

On Sunday, I got a note from my uncle. He is retired now. But his days are full ones. He rehabilitates old houses. He competes in the Senior Olympics (and the man can throw with the best of them). He keeps those he loves close.

And still, in his days, he makes space for three small acts.

It might be picking up a loose wrapper and putting it in the trash. Keeping the door open for the person behind him, even if that person is the spryest and ablest athlete. Grinning big and warm at the parent of a kid having a real rambunctious moment.

A slight push in any direction, my uncle wrote me, has negligible effect. But many pushes over many years do if they are all in the direction of some kinder, more generous world.

And three acts a day is over 20 a week, is over 50 a month, is over 1,000 a year, is over tens of thousands in a lifetime.

So my uncle, the house rehabber, the athlete, the family man, is also a pusher.

A steady, unyielding, no-act-is-too-small-act pusher towards the world he believes we can have.

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