The Wolves We Feed

There is a Cherokee legend I love. It is told many ways. Here is one.

A grandfather sits with his grandchild under a big night sky.

"I have a battle inside me," the grandfather says to the grandchild. "It is between two wolves."

The grandchild looks up at the grandfather outlined against the darkness.

"One wolf is filled with rage, jealousy, vengeance, judgment, pride. The other is filled with compassion, generosity, joy, hope, empathy."

The grandchild listens. "But it is not only me," the grandfather continues. "You have this battle in you. As do your parents, your siblings, your friends, all of us."

The grandchild is silent in the darkness. Then asks the grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

The grandfather looks at his grandchild and says, "Whichever one I feed."

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