The Listeners

These people, they do incredible things. Maybe you know one of them. I know a few.

I'm talking about those among us who listen. And by listen, I don't just mean lend an ear or nod and Mmmm when you speak. What they do is a little more holy than that.

These listeners, they place you in the center of time. They give you their ears, and also their eyes, their stillness, their heart so open you could walk right in.

They don't listen to fix or solve. But to be witness to the singular story that is your life unfolding in the world.

And being so heard can remind a person that she matters. That his story is worth being told.

Which we can forget or let drop away. But the listeners, they pick up the pieces and give them back to us.

And just think: if we all heard, I mean really heard one another, the whole world could know its worth.

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BelongingCaitie Whelan