Standing Among the Seated

What happened at the end of the performance wasn't unusual. The performers finished their set - an incredible set. Wild and powerful; they had thrown their hearts right on the stage.

The audience clapped and cheered from their seats.

Then it happened. One guy on the far edge of the crowd stood up. And for a moment, he was alone. The only one standing among the seated. Maybe he wondered if it would just be him.

But soon, a woman next to him stood up. Someone near her stood, too. And one by one, then clump by clump, knees straightened, seats flipped back, and people rose until the whole audience was on its feet.

The performers bowed and shone like water that's met sunlight. And the standing ovation, the shining performers, it all only lasted a few moments. But these were huge, joyous, generous moments. The kind that are remembered and felt weeks, years, lifetimes later.

So, when it seems like one is too small to make an impact, let's not forget it was only one guy on the far edge of the crowd who was willing to stand among the seated, and brought a whole audience to its feet.

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