A Proposition for You

I have a proposition for you. For me. For anyone up to it. It comes via the Department of Homeland Security. And my mother.

So, airports, trains, metros, buses all have that sign: If you see something, say something. Which really means if you see something suspicious, wrong, bad, or worrisome, say something.

And that's fine. But this is the proposition my mother put on the table: Add one word.

If you see something good, say something.

Not instead of Homeland Security's command. Just in addition to.

See a little library someone put in their yard so anyone can take (and give) books for free. Or a bunch of strangers on the sidewalk cheering for a bunch of strangers running a road race. Or a piece of street art that opened your eyes and filled your heart. Let's not keep this to ourselves.

I'm not suggesting we be Pollyannas running around the world pretending there's nothing terrible in it. There are terrible things. Many, many of them. What I'm suggesting is let's not run around forgetting there are good things, too.

And the proposition here is that we say these good things. Aloud. And loud. That we share them. That we lift them up above our tired shoulders so we can remind ourselves and we can remind the world, our world, that though there are horrific, painful, small-hearted things in it.

There are tender, beautiful, greathearted things, too.

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Increasing Joy, FocusCaitie Whelan