Rerouting the Future

The biker was stopped in the middle of the street. "Hey! he was yelling at a green taxi. "Hey! Hey! Hey! HEY! HEY!"

The green taxi was zooming down the street towards a green light. It would have kept on zooming had the biker not stuck himself in the middle of the street and started yelling like life depended on it.

Which it actually did.

Also in the street was a shaggy dog. A little one with four little legs shooting across the pavement and one short leash streaming loose.

A ways behind the dog was a man. He was carrying a small baby. He was trying to run after the dog. It was impossible to do both. The dog was shooting ahead into traffic. The man was losing yards, then blocks, then any hope of stopping disaster just seconds into the future.

The biker saw the man, the baby, the dog, the zooming taxi. He saw the future the situation was speeding towards. And then he decided he would reroute the future.

He put himself into the middle of the street, into the middle of the man, the baby, the dog's lives. And he started yelling with enough big, fierce heart that he upended the whole order of things.

The green taxi heard and stopped. The shaggy dog reached the curb and stopped. The man with the baby reached the shaggy dog and stopped.

The biker gave the man a thumbs up. All okay? he seemed to say. The man nodded. And the biker pedaled off, having done nothing but given the future a whole new route.

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