Enough to Stop Traffic

One evening, a woman wearing an olive shirt saw it. And she stopped for it. It was easy to miss, back there in an empty lot off the sidewalk, behind a wire fence. And it was tall, second-story window tall.

But that sunflower was a beaut. Green spine rising up out of the empty lot's crumbly cement, big head tilted gently to the side, like it was looking down at someone it cared for.

Looking back up at it was the woman wearing an olive shirt. She had a baby wrapped to her chest, another one in a stroller in front of her.

Moments ago, she had been a straightforward drive down the sidewalk. But this moment, she was stopped off to the side. Looking at the sunflower, taking picture after picture of the sunflower, giving her time and her care to this easy to miss sunflower.

Because the woman had stopped, the sidewalk traffic was stopping to see what she was looking at. They tilted their heads up. Saw this sunflower tilting it's head down at them like it cared for them. And their faces loosened and their mouths parted into murmurs and smiles.

There are many big and powerful forces in the world. But one evening, a woman wearing an olive shirt cared for a sunflower growing off to the side.

And for a few moments, her care was enough to stop traffic.

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