Out of the Cloudy, Gray Sky

The note came on Monday. And Monday came rainy and chilly. It was a day for turning inwards. Clamp up tight under the umbrella and plow ahead.

That was my plan, at least. Close the windows, keep my neck in, do what had to be done as quickly as possible while the big, gray sky above poured down.

But then, around the lunchtime hour, the note came in. I'd say it came out of the clear, blue sky, but there was no clear, blue sky to come from. So, it came out of the cloudy, gray sky.

Sending you warmth and love today, said the note. It was from a beautiful friend who was busy, whose plate was full, piled high with life.

The note was apropos of nothing. No conversation continued, no thread being picked up. It just was.

And a note like that on a wet, cold day when all the windows are closed can thaw you to the bones. Like someone opened a window, tossed you a sweatshirt, and called out through the rain, "Unexpected love for you."

I thanked my friend. Then I did something that wouldn't have occurred to me earlier in the day. I sent a note to another friend and another. Love for you, all the notes said, in so many words. Because unexpected love can really do something to a person, can't it?

So, Monday came rainy and chilly. And Monday left rainy and chilly.

But in between, love came. Out of the cloudy, gray sky.

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