A Cure for Comparison

I like origin stories, where'd-you-come-from, how'd-you-get-here stories. If someone starts a sentence, "The backstory of my decision to..." or "As a kid, I always...", I'm all ears. It's a little window into how a person arrived at this moment in time.

And how people arrive is hardly ever (probably never) as straightforward as it may seem. Like Tom Clancy said, "An overnight success is 10 years in the making."

Because what happened before this moment - the prequel to the here and now - is often this incredible zigzagged path paved by decisions, screw-ups, victories, losses, luck, learnings, and more. Always more.

When I'm tempted, as I often am, to compare myself to someone, to measure up as less than or more than, the reminder that helps keep me in check is just one line: "You have no idea what history they've lived."

And if there's a cure for the pain of comparison it might be curiosity. Curiosity which isn't about being more or less, but about understanding how another human has walked and loved and lived in this world.

So, I like these where'd-you-come-from, how'd-you-get-here stories of ours. I like their zigs and their zags.

And I like how they remind me of the incredible path we each walk to arrive at this moment in time.

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