Making Dirt Paths

The side path is nothing but dirt and footprints. No lamps, no landscaped flowers or rocks lining the edges. The paved paths get those.

We are in the park, my friend and I. It's evening time in summertime.

They're called desire paths, my friend says, pointing at the dirt and footprints. It's the path that people make when the path that's paved doesn't work for them.

Your average city park is filled with them, same with college campuses and campgrounds and athletic fields.

You don't need much to make them. Just your feet and your respect for that part of you that's chaffing against the predetermined road ahead.

So, we take it, my friend and I. Because that can happen. Others can see that path you're making. See that it's faster or better or goes somewhere more interesting than the paved path. And they take it, too.

There's no lamplight on the side path. So, we walk this little unplanned trail under the moonlight. Making footprints in the dirt.

And I can't help but think how beautiful it is and how rare it is to follow desire rather than pavement.

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