What I Said Yes to Today

Most days, I say No to a lot of things. People who want money, time, or both. Spontaneity; I say No to an awful lot of spontaneity. Unrealistic ideas, last-minute invites, long books, stuff I'm afraid of? No, no, no, and no.

But yes? That's just a rarer word for me. Yes means all those heavy hitters: Time, Commitment, This Might Not Work Out. When No can wipe that all away in two easy letters.

The only hitch is that No has kept my days - and the life they add up to - pretty much as is. Change averted, status quo maintained.

And I strongly believe in smashing the status quo now and again.

So, sometime between sunset and sleep, I ask myself: What did you say yes to today?

Which is just another way of saying, What did you turn towards, open up to, run at today? To which, ideally, the answer is and always will be: My own life.

And life takes time, demands commitment, holds many things that don't work out.

I'm not saying we should ditch No. No, in moderation, is important for balance, boundaries, many good things.

All I'm saying is let's say yes to smashing the status quo now and again.

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