Success in 10 Words

I find myself, now and again, wondering how I define success. I live in a big city with buildings that scrape the sky and money and power always in the headlines.

And I think, What is success here?

I have lived in quiet villages with goat herders and cow dung huts and women gone for hours to get water.

And I would think, What is success here?

Wherever I've lived, there's always a time when I outsource my definition of success. I let the movers and the shakers and the headline makers define it for me. And then I wake up in the mornings and go chasing after it, measuring myself against it, even if it means I don't really look forward to the day I've built around it.

Until one clear morning, I wake up to realize I'm chasing after a definition of success that isn't mine.

So, now, I've written my own definition, built it in 10 words. It's nothing fancy or profound and it may change. But when I remember it and stay close to it, it's held steady and true in big cities and quiet villages and every in between:

Success is waking up and looking forward to the day.

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