The Done Manifesto

Today, I decided this: I am done with wasting time. Done. Done. Done.

I am done with complaining about the weather and how tired I am.

Done with saying yes to things to please people and no to things that scare me.

Done with having a long list of places I want to visit and never visiting.

Done with ignoring what excites me, only reading nonfiction, never seeing those movies I've always wanted to see.

And today, I'm done with caring so stinking much about what other people think.

Done with worrying about things I can't control, proving myself, judging myself, judging others.

Done with carrying around more fear and shame than wonder and delight in me.

And you know what else? Today, I'm done with not showing up, saying I don't have time, checking my phone when someone's talking.

Done with forgetting that we're all in this together.

Done with taking the fact that I'm breathing for granted.

I know. All these decisions don’t happen overnight. But I have to start making them sometime, right? So, today.

And I will probably have to make all of them again and again.

Or maybe I'll just make this one decision again and again - with a hat tip to Jack London:

Today, I will not exist. Today, I will live.

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