For When You're in A Foul Mood

I woke up sour this morning. And a good foul mood is tempting to lull in. But I had stuff to do today that necessitated a more loving disposition.

So, I tried this technique that I always, always, always resist. It seems so lame, the sour part of me says. But it nearly always works.

What you do is set your timer for a good solid chunk of time. This morning, I did 45 minutes. You could do it for your commute, your morning run, whenever. But for that time, you just list thing after thing that you're grateful for.

The woman at the grocery store singing along quietly to Diana Ross on the loud speaker. Being able to hear Diana Ross. My feet. My head and shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes), which do what I want and ask very little in return. The car that stopped for me at the crosswalk.

And I've found it helps to do it for longer than I want to, because after a certain period of time, I've named all the obvious stuff, so I have to dig in. Crosswalks, Saturday mail delivery, maps, the store having my favorite energy bar, having the money to buy my favorite energy bar, the fact that this energy bar exists.

Forty-five minutes later, my sour mood didn't have quite as much of a chokehold. Appreciation has a way of dissolving the sharp edges of rotten moods.

And I headed into my day, knowing a more loving disposition could be possible.

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