Love on a Dumpster

At the edge of the parking lot behind a big grocery store, there's a dumpster. Pine green, overstuffed with plastic garbage bags, it's a heavy and industrial thing. There is nothing remarkable about this large trash bin.

Except if you turn and look at the dumpster, you'll notice that there's a sentence written out in red paint on it. That's not extraordinary; people write on dumpsters all the time.

But this sentence isn't your usual upset scribbling or lush graffiti art.

In plain lettering, someone painted on this dumpster: You are loved.

These three words have been captured in poetry, sung in song, written in books of faith, fiction, fact. All places you'd expect.

But sometimes, love finds us in the unexpected places. And reminds us that yes, it is here around us, for us, with us.

So, when we are in the places we didn't expect, we may well forget our bearings, our grounding, our sense of self. But if we remember what the dumpster tells us, there's a good chance we'll be able to find our way.

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