When the Little Thing Is Not So Little

Lest we doubt the power of little things, I give you Exhibit A: Blisters.

They need be no bigger than a pencil eraser to ruin a fine hike, end an evening basketball scrimmage, send a good woman or man limping off the dance floor.

Exhibit B: Mosquitoes.

Countless ears have been tortured through sleepless nights at the hands - or rather wings - of those buggers.

But it's not just those little things. I give you Exhibit C: A human smile.

We will never know the number of moments that have been sweetened when one person grinned big at another. But not knowing doesn't mean they weren't so.

Exhibit D: Remembering someone's name.

One rainy night, I was at the corner store. I saw a manager there whom I'd introduced myself to months ago. But she sees tons of people from behind the counter, whereas I only see her from in front of the counter. That night, though, she looked at me, grinned big, said, "Caitie!" And as the rain poured down outside, I felt seen and known and cared for inside.

It is a well-publicized fact that many big things have big power; the newspapers and news feeds tell us over and over. But now and again, it's helpful to remember the not so well proclaimed truth that many little things have big power, too.

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