Making Differences & Dents

Every room that we are in is different for our being there. Now, if you're like me, you're immediately scanning your mind for exceptions to the rule.

What about a concert with 10,000 people? How different could it be because I was there?

Well, maybe you made space so the guy next to you could get a better view, which moved him to do the same for the gal next to him. Or maybe you got the last bottle of water and the person behind you was exasperatingly thirsty for the rest of the night.

What about that workshop where I didn't say anything?

Maybe you showed up early and made the presenter feel like people actually might come. Or maybe the presenter caught you on your phone and wondered if what he was doing wasn't that interesting.

It is easy not to see how we walk around making differences and dents wherever we go. Being this consistently impactful, it's an awesome power. And as I see it, our responsibility is to wield it with thought and with care.

So if every room that we're in is different for our being there, then why not make it somehow better? More kind, just, wonderful.

We will make an impact for being there. It is up to us if it will be a good and worthwhile one.

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